An Exciting Update

parrotSimon Fulford, who is the Executive Director of Parrott Creek Child & Family Services, is carrying out the duties of Executive Director for True Housing (formerly The Inn Home) through a joint management agreement between the two organizations. Parrott Creek, like True Housing, has a 50+ year history of serving children and families here in the Metro area. The two organizations are partnering to align their services along a robust continuum of care as part of their steps towards an eventual merger. Simon’s bio can be found here while more information on Parrott Creek can be found here.

What we do

True Housing, formerly known as The Inn Home for Boys, helps those in our care meet their goals through well managed homes, case management, access to resources and a lot of loving support.  We have six programs utilizing five different homes serving homeless families, foster youth and mothers reuniting with their children in foster care.

Our Mission

True Housing provides individuals and families in our community with the opportunity to make positive and lasting changes in their lives.

Most needed Items

  • A large capacity vehicle to transport kids
  • Gym equipment
  • Funds or certificates for activities for teenagers

Learn About Our Programs

Our Programs

We have two programs for youth in foster care, three programs for mothers in recovery that are reunifying with their children, and a rental subsidy program for homeless families.

  • Foster youth
  • Recovery programs
  • Homeless families


"This is a place where help and encouragement are always given."

“Being here has really helped me become more independent and have structure for myself and my son. My life has become happier and healthier for my child.”

“It was such a relief to know there was a safe place for me and my child to stay.”